Community Group

We believe that the most dangerous place to be in life is alone. So, we created environments and space for people to gather, learn, and build relationships!

Every week there is an opportunity to join a group of people who have decided to live out their journey with Jesus among others. These groups of 7-10 people, gather in homes, baseball fields, coffee shops, around camp fires, and other places around Hayward. Together, each Community Group rallies around the Bible to learn how to live as a Christ-follower, ask questions about life and faith, pray for one another, share victories and defeats, eat, laugh, and build relationships. 

Click the link below and meet our leaders and find a Community Group to gather with this week!

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Living on mission together

We want to live our lives as missionaries right where we are! We choose to get involved in our community and in the lives of those around us. One way we do this locally is looking at our community and asking ourselves, "where can we serve, bring hope, and show God's love in our town?". Whether it's volunteering at the local food shelf, serving meals for those who need food, raking leaves, helping at school events, assisting community organizations, or serving a family in need....we want to communicate the love of God is word and deed!  

JESUS took opportunities to bless people [turning water into wine, feeding the 5,000, healing the sick,....etc], and if He did, then, WE should too! Serving our community with NO STRINGS ATTACHED is one of the ways we are able to share the Gospel of Jesus and the life-changing impact that He has had on us. We typically do this on the 2nd Sunday of every month. So instead of gathering for worship, we gather and go into the community and bless others! This is a great way to let your faith play out in action. Jump to our calendar and find out when the next opportunity is for you to get involved!