[if:] pray 2015

We look around this world and see immense brokenness, difficulty, pain, and suffering. The headlines in the news report the hate in Charleston and the evil all over the Middle East because of ISIS, and it kinda feels like the sky is falling. We’re going to come together with our people, in our places, and we are going to pray- as a generation of women. Let's humble ourselves and ask God to open our eyes to the places that He wants us to rebuild. We are going to beg Him to use it for His glory. Because like with Nehemiah, we believe that we can be a part of rebuilding all that is broken in this world. 

Monday, September 21. 7:00PM @HACIL.

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We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose!

2015's IF:HAYWARD Gathering was...AMAZING!! Women came from near and far to be a part of this 2-day gathering where they wrestled with the question - "IF God is Real...then what?" We saw over 60+ women, representing 6 different Northland communities, come together for worship and a time of spiritual renewal. So, now what? This is where the journey gets EXCITING! IF:HAYWARD will be helping women all over the Northland connect and begin IF:Tables [a safe space to build relationships with God & others.] also we'll be helping women engage in personal dicipleship through IF:Equip

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