Step toward connecting with us!

Every time we meet new people we are genuinely interested in their story.   We believe that life is done better with Jesus and others!  Take a moment and fill out our online Connect Card so that we can get to know one another.  Our goal is to see you in relationship with God and others!

Step towards Jesus....

Our first hope and prayer for you is that your Next Step is towards the Family of God!  We pray you begin to follow Jesus with all your heart soul, body, mind, & strength; handing over your sin and shame and living for Him alone.  The Bible tells us that all we need to do is BELIEVE in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and [at that moment] we are adopted into His experience His love, His forgiveness, His mercy, His grace, and to experience LIFE in His family!  

It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what you've done...Jesus welcomes you into His family with open arms.  There is no special formula or ritual you have to perform or conjure up....just....believe in Jesus, and begin to experience a life with Him!

So, whatcha think?  If you would like to chat with someone about this, click here.

Step into the water.....

At ElementChurch we've seen lives changed by the power of the Gospel!  The Bible illustrates for us, that baptism is the outward expression of an inward commitment to Jesus.  We like to say it this way, "it's going public with your faith, showing yourself and others that you identify your life with the LIFE of Christ!".  The first church in Acts 2:41 shows people hearing the Gospel, believing in Jesus, and being baptized!  Jesus also commands us to baptize believers in Matthew 28:19-20. 

Baptism [for us] is a celebration of one's wholehearted commitment to become a follower of Jesus!  We love it when people dare to go public with their us, it's a big deal. 

Have you decided to follow Jesus?  If so, have you experienced the joy of baptism?  If you'd like to be baptized, all you have to do is let us know, and we'll have it done for you as soon as possible!  Click here to let us know!

step into community....

We don't want ANYONE to do this life ALONE!  We were never created to life in isolation, so we want to make sure you know that one of your Next Steps could be gathering with one of our Community Groups! These groups of people in our community and church gather to learn, pray, eat, and live side-by-side with one another.  

We all come with our "baggage", hurt, questions, and cares...and we collectively help each other find our way back to Jesus, back to peace, back to grace.  Our Community Groups are safe places to ask questions and meet people who may be just like you.

This is where your relationship with God is deepened or maybe this is the place where your journey towards God begins.  Either way, we hope you will make room in your daily rhythms to connect with a Community's really fun!  Click here to join a CG today!

step towards Membership....

Many churches around the world are made up of 20% of the people who carry 80% of the load and as a result, many miss out on what God has called them to do with their lives. The bible teaches that God’s church is a body with MANY members [1Corinthians 12:12-31].  No, ElementChurch is NOT A CLUB that panders to people who feel like they should be catered to because they "pay their dues"!   NOPE!  This is a family, a tribe, a community of people who love Jesus, His mission, and care way more about seeing lives changed by the Gospel than our own self-centered consumerism.  

Each one of these members has a specific function, and if that function is not accounted for, well, the body will not function properly. In the same way, if one part of your human body does not function properly or is not accounted for, then your whole body suffers. 

We truly believe that God has uniquely gifted each person and each person is uniquely a gift to ElementChurch. With that being said, what describes a Member of ElementChurch? 

Just like our bodies are more effective with all their members, we believe that ElementChurch is more effective when we have people who have decided to actively pursue and participate in the mission and ministry of Jesus through the local church.  ElementChurch Members are... 

  • Imperfect people who have confessed Jesus as Lord of their lives, Redeemer of their souls, and have expressed  their commitment to Jesus through word and baptism.  
  • People who MAKE JESUS FAMOUS!  They promote the Gospel by living like Jesus in every way, towards everyone, everyday!  They Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples!
  • People who value and practice gathering with the Body of Christ for worship, communion, discipleship, fellowship, outreach, etc. [i.e. Sunday Gatherings, Community Groups, and other Community OUTs]
  • People who live life open-handedly.  Along with supporting ElementChurch financially, they give their time, and talent to see the mission and ministry of ElementChurch impact the community in unprecedented ways! 

Do you want to JOIN THE MOVEMENT?  Email us to get more information about how you can become an ElementChurch Member!

[Further reading: Acts 2:42, 1Corinthians 12:12, Eph. 4:17, Romans 12:1-10]