ElementChurch is all about TEAMWORK!  We understand that everyone has a unique gifting and we want to make sure that we give people an opportunity to share that gift!  Also, the Body of Christ is made up of MANY MEMBERS....this means that everyone must find a place to participate as we serve others, in hopes that they may know Christ.

  • E-Kidz Team

    THANK YOU E-Kids Team Volunteers! Because of your desire to see our children grow in Christ and be discipled, we are sure that they will enter into their next stages of life filled with excitement for the things of GOD! Thanks for loving JESUS!

    E-Kidz Schedule for October thru December 2015

    This Week's Lesson: 

    Pre-K = The Good Shepherd

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade = Week 4 Lesson

  • Connections + Hospitality

    It's been said that the first impressions of a church needs to be the best! Many people will decide to stay or leave in those first few moments of walking through the doors. We're so thankful for the men and women who make it their ministry to welcome EVERYONE with a warm smile and a kind heart.

    Connections + Hospitality Team Schedule for October - December 2015

Community Group leaders

We have some wonderful people in our faith-family who love God, love People, and have chosen to make Disciples!  They volunteer their time, homes, space, energy, and study, to see others come to Jesus.  These CG Leaders, are no different than you and me, they have merely chosen to lead a conversation at least once a week with a group of people who are seeking after a real, tangible, transformational relationship with Jesus.  

We offer leadership resources to our CG Leaders in hopes that they, too, will continue to become the leaders, fathers, mothers, and disciples God has called them to be.  Below is a link for our CG Leaders.  Some of the material is "password protected" due to the permissions restriction given by those who have made it available to us as a church.

Do you desire to lead people into a relationship with Jesus?  If so, email us...who knows, maybe you're our next CG Leader!

  • Media from Exponietial Conference 2015

    Coming Soon.