Community Group leaders

Our Community Groups [CG] are a place to learn Jesus, build relationships, and do life with others!  Below are the AMAZING people who lead these lively communities every week and they can wait to meet you and your family!

  • Rocky + Diane Zeien

    Rocky and Diane [Di] lead the Springbrook CG at their home.  They are always looking for opportunities to welcome people into the family of God, as well as their CG family that meets every Wednesday night.  When you visit this CG, you'll be welcomed with smiles, laughs and POPCORN!  

    Every Wednesday @6:30pm @Rock+Di's home in Springbrook

  • Luke + Ellen Stone

    Luke and Ellen and their son Vance are excited to see people find relationship with Jesus and others!  The Stones are a fun-loving family who are opening their doors to anyone who wants to take a leap into Jesus and community!  They've seen God do amazing things in their lives and are eager to invite others to journey with Jesus!

    Every Thursday @6pm-7:30pm @Luke+Ellen's home in Hayward

  • Darrell + Penny VanEck

    Darrell and Penny lead the Wednesday CG in Hayward!  The VanEcks are amazing people who love building relationships with others and also love seeing people find Jesus!  If you're looking for a place to connect with some fun people on a Wednesday night in Hayward....the VanEcks CG is a place filled with laughter and life!  

    Every Wednesday @6:30pm @Darrell+Ellen's home in Hayward

  • Jon + Alli Parr

    Jon and Alli lead our Element Student Ministry every Wednesday night at our HUB!  ESM is more than just a group of students getting together to hang out...they are learning Jesus, living on mission, AND HAVING FUN!  This is a fun couple and our HS+MS students love their CG!

    Every Wednesday @6:30pm-8:00pm @Element MainStreet HUB